Decluttering Ideas



Here are 20 “First Step” Decluttering Ideas to Help You Get Started


1. Declutter the inside of your car.

2. Clear off your bathroom counter.

3. Remove ten items from your wardrobe.

4. Declutter the visible areas of your entertainment center.

5. Clear off your nightstand.

6. Walk around your home and fill one box with items to donate.

7. Walk around your home and fill one bag for trash pick-up.

8. Remove old or expired food from your pantry and fridge.

9. Declutter old or unused coats and items from your coat closet.

10. Clear off the top of your refrigerator.

11. Recycle old magazines or newspapers that are left out and piled up.

12. Declutter your underwear and/or sock drawer.

13. Clear five items from your kitchen counter.

14. Remove excess towels and linens from your linen closet.

15. Declutter your laundry space.

16. Clear off the tops of your living room side tables.

17. Minimize your Tupperware (start with anything that doesn’t have a lid).

18. Declutter your shower keeping only what is essential and used daily.

19. Clear out your medicine chest.

20. Return toys to the toy room or bedroom where they belong.


Of course you can only choose one “first” step from the list above to get started. But you don’t need to stop there.

Choose one first step above, and then another, and then another. Good luck !


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