This is my personal recommendation for Therese Andjeski at Cluttered Solutions. Therese has worked as a house manager in my family’s home for the past five years. Therese has proven herself to be consistently reliable, trustworthy, and innovative. She offers everything from organizational projects to personal concierge services. And as she completes each project, she also creates a system so her work can be maintained on a daily basis.


She has been instrumental in arranging general maintenance, hiring and overseeing service projects, running errands, helping to plan parties and events, as well as prearranging movers for relocation and set-up of a new home. Her list of talents is endless.


Her friendly demeanor, honesty, and conscientiousness make it a pleasure to have her in our home.


‒ Patricia Noble




After Therese Andjeski gets done organizing my kitchen every Spring, I feel like I am living in a new house again. I love to look in the drawers and cupboards and see everything in it's place. And you will too ! So consider hiring Cluttered Solutions to help jump start your organizing project . It's a great way to celebrate the season.



‒ Rita Ballenger Cleveland, Ohio




It was time to face the inevitable, I had to face the years of my clutter, but it seemed overwhelming and I never knew how to tackled this job.


Then I heard about Cluttered Solutions from a friend. She said she used Therese Andjeski services, and how pleased she was with the process . So I got her number & called her.


She said it would cost $50.00 to visit my home, I agreed to her fee, and made an appointment.


She looked things over & asked a lot of questions . She took pictures...took notes ...said "this will be fun".. She called me with a quote, and so "operation organization" began !


We began systematically room by room with the usual catagories...things to save...donate...and throw out. This process was not as overwhelming as I expected, and believe it or not....it WAS fun!


She is very well connected with support services. She knew of a services that would pick up...haul away my junk. She called her connection for my donation pile. Her brain is there to pick....and I did. She makes life so much easier and neater. And she's fun, yet means business.


Her pricing is competitive, I called around. It was the best money I spent on my home in a long time. The reward was huge benefit, she helped de cluttering my mind and my house !


‒ Karen Drake / Medina, Ohio




I am extremely grateful to Therese Andjeski and her associates for helping me organize the downstairs areas of my home. My living room, dining room and kitchen have never looked better or been so clutter free. A friend came to my home a short while after Therese and her associates had completed the work. Of course my friend had seen the living room, dining room and kitchen before the organizing had been done. She could not believe the difference that the organizing made. It was a true makeover. I would be remiss, if I did not mention that not only was my kitchen well organized, it was thoroughly cleaned including refrigerator, stove, floor, countertops, kitchen table, etc.


I would highly recommend Therese Andjeski and her associates, if you are looking to have some effective home organizing work done. She is professional, ethical and fair. We were able to schedule enough organizing sessions around my quality time with family, church and full time work commitments. Therese also had her husband help me with some needed exterminating work, since that was his business.


‒ Hobson R. Hamilton, Jr./Kent University




I feel like I went from rags to riches within the first 2 engagements with Therese Andjeski.  Over 10 years later, she is an invaluable part of my life and currently serves as my Home Manager.



Therese and her business of Cluttered Solutions was developed from a place of service.  She brings a generosity that is inexplicable and a sense of calm and accomplishment that is infectious.  It is clear in every project she touches.

Therese comes to your home with a sense of confidence and reassurance as she tackles the biggest and most complicated issues.  Therese has de-cluttered every closet, drawer and room in my home.  I trust Therese with all my sensitive matters and she reminds me at every opportunity to be proud of everything in the space around me.



Therese’s service with me includes overseeing contractors and hiring and managing every worker in my home.  I don’t worry about the anxiety that comes with handling any issue with outside contractors.



Cluttered Solutions is the name of her business, but her scope and breath of work expands miles beyond handling clutter.  Therese is an inspiration and allows you to fall in love with every inch of your home all over again.  She will have to fight her way out of working with me and being an instrumental part of my home management.




I hired Therese  Andjeski to help me pack, purge, sell, donate, & supervise my move .  She unpack the  many boxes in my new home. I am blessed to be sitting in my new home ,  where everything down to my dental floss was where it should be, and it is a sheer JOY !  She charges $40 per hour, but she is worth every penny and more. I encourage you to refer  her to anyone that needs to be organized or preparing for a move. You can pay the same money to a mover to pack you, but then you wind up with hundreds of boxes to deal with and a lot of work on the back end. I am in with no extraneous "stuff" and it is almost as if I have lived here for a month, only better organized thanks to Therese & her team !




‒ Virginia Davidson / ShakerHeights, Ohio

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